How to boost your immunity in winter

It seems that we all need to boost our immunity this winter. Find out how.

We don’t need to start tomorrow but today! It seems that we all need to boost our immunity this winter. Covid is still around but the Flu’s are also lurking and can be just as draining for our systems.What are you doing to boost yours immunity on a daily basis? Have you thought about it?

There are so many things we can do!So here are my 5 top tips:

1. Go to sleep every night before 10! Don’t change for anything, make it a habit. Your body will thank you. Sleep 😴 is MOST important.

2. Stay away from inflammatory foods and focus on nourishing soups, greens, grass fed meats and good fats!

3. It’s not just what you eat, but what do you drink every day, how do you drink it and how much? Clean filtered water is important. Not a Coffee to start your day as you start of dehydrating yourself. This also put stress onto your body especially your adrenals. Certain teas have caffeine in them as well but herbal teas are great.

4. Take good quality supplements. In winter Vitamin D is so important as we don’t see the Sun and we are inside a lot. Invest in a good quality vitamin D3. Also, for a broader range of vitamins Biotics has developed the very popular ‘Immune support packs’. (DM me about it) they are truly so good. NAC for our liver, lungs and energy. Also Ultra Viralex For all those nasty viruses going round with a punch of Vitamin A (which is amazing for a sore throat btw!)

5. Find a way to sweat!!! Our skin is our largest detox organ so what better way to get those toxins, viruses and bacteria out? Exercise, Sauna, foot-cleanse, dry brushing and having a hot bath with Epsom salts are just a few ways to do this. Yes we need to keep warm, but we especially need to get it out!!

Keep well everyone and make your plan for winter ❄️ on how to boost your immunity!

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December 17, 2022

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