Food is medicine

At Gutsy we focus on gut health and nutrition. We can help you find your power foods which keep you and your family healthy.

It takes guts to start living a healthy life
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Transform your life with better health

With functional nutrition we want to get to the root cause of what is going on in your body. It is not a one size fits all approach. It is a customised, holistic approach.  It takes your unique make up into account to find out the best way for your body to heal and stay as healthy as possible.

I believe that in a world of modern work and lifestyle, food is the best medicine. I teach my clients how to make small dietary changes that contribute to their personal health journey.


Marlies has helped me establish a more robust immune system following chemotherapy.  I was literally rolling from one lung infection to the next with the resultant drop off in energy levels.  Marlies’ programme to systematically sort my gut out whilst supporting my immune system and bringing more balance to the level of toxins such as heavy metals has resulted in a complete turn around in my wellbeing and energy levels.  I’ll be forever grateful and look forward to remaining the most healthy me.


Richard Burn

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