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Common Sources of Inflammation

Discover several common causes of inflammation and find out some easy changes you can make today.

There are several common causes of inflammation

  1. Poor diet; Sugar, refined flours, processed foods, alcohol and inflammatory fats
  2. Lack of exercise; not going outdoors enough, weight bearing exercises
  3. Stress;Work and Trauma
  4. Hidden Chronic infections; Viruses, bacteria, yeast or Parasites
  5. Toxins like Pesticides and Aluminium
  6. Allergens from foods or environment
  7. Mold

I would like you to think of 2 quick and easy changes you could make today to take steps into the right direction to stop the inflammation process in your body.For example, One easy one is avoid sugar!! Sugar is highly inflammatory for EVERYONE! It is everywhere and hidden in many foods, by sticking to whole foods you will avoid a lot of sugar. Avoid anything that is packaged. Read labels and you will discover which food have Sugar in them.Whenever you have half an hour during the day, take yourself outside, put you feet in the grass. And if you can’t do this, walk! It’s easy, it’s for free. We are so glued to our schedules and getting things done, the constant temptations of our phone or having to sit behind our computer. You want to make some space, take some deeps breaths, check in with yourself to see how you are actually feeling. These are the things that will bring our bodies back into our Parasympathetic State which is what we need to be in 80% of our day to keep our bodies healthy.If you suspect you have hidden Chronic infections, if you are always getting bloated, feeling tired all the time, can’t sleep or have consistently bad sleeps, if your bowel motions are not happening every day or are out of whack, Come and see me and I can help you further making your digestion tick again, bring your energy levels back up and sort your sleep out!

December 17, 2022

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