7 signs your body needs a detox

Experiencing brain fog?, digestive issues or having a hard time sleeping? You may need a 10 day detox.

In this day and age we all deal with toxins and toxicity on some level.

Toxins get into our bodies in different ways:

1. We breath them in

2. They get into our foods.

3. In our drinking water.

There are a few different things to look out for like: feeling sluggish, bloated, fatigued and sick.

Do you feel tired all the time?

This can be a sign your body needs a reset. If you burden your body with processed foods, alcohol and other toxins your body might be having a hard time processing and dealing with this.

Hard time sleeping?!

When we have toxicity in our body, sometimes our adrenals get so burdened as they are the stress glands of our body. Our adrenals regulate our day/night rhythm as well (circadian rhythm).

Cravings Sugar?

Your gut can become filled with with microbes that should have no place in our body and that feed off sugar. It’s a sign your body is not using nutrients effectively.

Joints/muscle aches?

Toxins can cause disruption of your metabolism and following on from that can cause joint and muscle pain.

Digestive issues like bloating?

Processed foods and stress can cause SIBO and This will cause a leaky gut. This will stop your body From absorbing your nutrients.

Reoccurring Headaches?

Many artificial chemical cleaners have toxins in them. These specific toxins like ‘Toluene’ can cause headaches, and damages, liver, kidneys and lungs.

Experiencing brain Fog?

Toxins reach every part of our body and also surpasses our blood brain barrier. Getting your gut right often solves part of it as microbes can cause major brain fog.

Start your year off with a 10- day Detox. You will commit to:

1. Set food program

2. x2 Consults. These consist of Nutritional advise and muscle testing to give you the best individual advise and support. 1 consult at the start and 1 at the end of the month (weekly emails to support to continue after your 10 days)

3. Supplements to support gut and liver for 1 month (depending on existing health concerns)

December 18, 2022

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